DIY Wonder Woman costume

One of my colleagues got divorced recently, and to celebrate she decided to have an ‘anti-hens night’ with a bunch of the girls from work. The theme: superheroes! I love the theme and I love costume parties, but the difficulties were that a) it’s the beginning of winter and female superhero costumes are not exactly cold weather friendly; and b) I can’t wear regular ready-made costumes because they’re always much too big. So I decided to make my own Wonder Woman costume!

all the little happy things - my Wonder Woman costume

Here’s how I put my outfit together.

The basic outfit: jacket, top, leggings and shoes
I lucked out and managed to snag the red satin top on eBay. Then it was just a matter of gluing down some gold sequin trim, which I also bought from eBay.

The rest of the outfit came together with star print leggings (another eBay steal, and I figured they would be a much better option for a winter evening than a miniskirt!), cute red heels (because I didn’t have the money to buy a pair of red boots!), and I borrowed a gold cape from a friend to add to the overall superhero look and feel.

all the little happy things - my Wonder Woman costume

Accessories: logo brooch, belt, bracelets, headband and lasso
To make the brooch, I printed out a picture of the Wonder Woman logo and used it as a template to cut the shape out of red glitter foam. Then I used some leftover gold sequin trim to fill in the details, and glued on a couple of brooch pins to the back.

I picked up the gold bracelets on sale from Lovisa and modified them slightly by making them a little tighter and sticking on a couple of stars made from red glitter felt. The belt was a loaner from a friend, and the ‘lasso’ is just a long length of gold elastic cord.

I don’t really like wearing hair accessories, but I knew I had to figure out some way to make a Wonder Woman tiara. I couldn’t find anything sufficiently crown- or tiara-like that I really liked, and those types of hair accessories never seem to attach well to my head, so I decided to make a soft headband. I bought the glitter elastic from eBay and cut and stitched it into two headbands. Then I cut a star out of red glitter foam and a matching star out of red felt, then glued the stars together with the elastic headbands sandwiched in between. Voila! A substitute tiara!

Altogether it only took me a couple of hours to make or modify the different elements of my costume. Here’s the final breakdown of costs:

Top: $16.39
Leggings: $6.31
Cape: borrowed
Shoes: already owned
Belt: borrowed
Gold sequin trim: $3.20 for 5 metres
Red glitter foam: $1.50 for 1x A4 sheet
Red felt: already owned
Gold elastic cord: $4.40 for 5 metres
Gold glitter elastic: $2.60
Brooch backs: $3.00 for 4
Bracelets: $14
TOTAL: $51.40

This was a pretty simple and fairly inexpensive costume to throw together, and I had a lot of fun making it. And the party itself was heaps of fun. Throughout the evening, people kept stopping us to chat and take photos with us. As a group of about 10 superheroes out in the city on a Saturday night, we made quite an impression – we definitely had a ‘girl power’ vibe going!

all the little happy things - my Wonder Woman costume
Spidergirl and Wonder Woman!