Chai Tea-ramisu

Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s actually Boxing Day already here in Brisbane – I’m spending the day relaxing, shopping the online sales, and recovering from all of the delicious Christmas meals I shared with my family yesterday!

My mum put me on dessert duty for Christmas this year, so I made a delicious Chai Tea-ramisu, based off of this recipe from Cook Republic!

all the little happy things - chai tea-ramisu

The recipe gives directions on how to make chai concentrate completely from scratch – but I made mine using the delicious Chai Harder concentrate from Chai Addict! I mixed 150ml of the Chai Harder concentrate with two cups of hot water and three tablespoons of soft brown sugar. It resulted in a delicious, strong, sweet and spicy chai concentrate that was perfect for this dessert!

all the little happy things - chai tea-ramisu

The Chai Tea-ramisu was a hit at my family Christmas lunch! The Chai Harder concentrate gave it a lovely ginger-cinnamon kick, which complemented the sweetness of the savoiardi sponge and the mascarpone mixture very nicely. It really was one of those ‘Goldilocks’ desserts – not too heavy/rich, but not too light – just right!

all the little happy things - chai tea-ramisu

I highly recommend this recipe if you’re serving up dessert for a crowd – it doesn’t take too long at all to prepare, and will definitely be a big hit at your next party!