Five… great YouTube channels

Like most people, I often procrastinate by watching a lot of YouTube videos. I’ve subscribed to quite a few different channels over the past few years, and I thought I’d put together a short list of a few of my favourites!

1. communitychannel
Natalie Tran’s hilarious videos about the funny/awkward aspects of everyday life have a special place in my heart. I think hers was the first YouTube channel I ever subscribed to, and I find that I can actually relate to most of her videos. Her self-deprecating Aussie humour puts me right at home! Here are a couple of my favourite videos.

2. Glove and Boots
I find it pretty surprising that Glove and Boots, the puppet webseries (with puppets!) doesn’t have more subscribers! I have to admit that I was late to the party too, but I really love the Glove and Boots videos. The videos are wittily written and well-produced, the puppets are kind of adorable and fun, and the content is great! They’re pretty well known for their video about the evolution of the hipster, but here are a couple of their other videos that I really enjoyed!

3. PBS Idea Channel
Moving on from pure comedy/entertainment, the next channel on this list is PBS Idea Channel: the show that “examines the connections between pop culture, technology and art” and, I would add, the human condition. I like PBS Idea Channel a lot because the videos are pretty thought-provoking, and can prompt some interesting discussion about how various aspects of pop culture affect our ways of understanding the world and ourselves.

4. CGP Grey
My husband Dannii introduced me to CGP Grey’s videos a while back when he was trying to explain something to me, and since then we’ve enjoyed watching his videos together. CGP Grey has a knack for explaining complex things in very clear and interesting way, and I’ve definitely learned a few things from watching his videos!

5. SORTED Food
I like reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows, and I really love SORTED because not only do the recipes look great and generally achievable (we own their cookbook and have made more than a few tasty dishes from it), but the SORTED boys are also pretty entertaining! I like the laddish sense of humour and fun that they bring to their videos. Good times!