Five… hilarious comedians

Comedians! I love watching British comedy panel shows, and going to see stand-up comedians. Here’s a list of five of my favourite comedians, complete with brief clips so we can share the laughter!

1. Adam Hills
Adam Hills is really high up on my list of favourite comedians! As the host of the music quiz show Spicks and Specks he became something of a staple on Aussie TV, and he’s hosted other great comedy shows like Adam Hills Tonight and The Last Leg. I really love his stand-up, though! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live in Brisbane a few years ago, and it was fantastic. His comedy is generally pretty light-hearted and optimistic rather than cynical, which I love!

2. Tripod
I have a special soft spot for musical comedy, and the Australian trio Tripod are among the best musician/comedians around! To start with, their comedy is pretty fantastic. As self-confessed nerds, their jokes can also be pretty nerdy, which I am totally on board with. This song is basically all about removing prefixes from words and it is brilliant!

They’re also really talented musicians. Their harmony is tight and blends beautifully, which is demonstrated really well in this amazing cover of Paul Kelly’s Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air, performed with Eddie Perfect.

3. David Mitchell
Moving on from Australian comedians, one of my favourite British comedians is David Mitchell. Famous for being one half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, he’s also a regular on the British comedy panel show circuit, as a team captain on Would I Lie To You, hosting Was It Something I Said and The Bubble, and having made appearances on QI, Mock the Week and 8 Out of 10 Cats and more. He’s incredibly quick-witted, and I love his rants about things that irk him!

4. Demetri Martin
Demetri is a pretty fascinating comedian! His style of comedy is typically witty one-liners, and his shows are full-on multimedia experiences, complete with music (played by Demetri himself), animations and drawings, charts, and some of his own writings. I would really love to see him live one day!

5. Flight of the Conchords
New Zealand’s fourth-most-popular folk duo! Their songs are hilarious, their TV show is brilliant, and their live performances are awesome! Dannii and I got to see them when they came to Brisbane a couple of years ago, and it was fantastic. I had a hard time picking out my favourite songs to add to this post, but I finally settled on The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room) and Think About It. Watch and enjoy!