Snow White Disneybound – yellow Clemence skirt and apple bow headband

This September, Dannii and I are heading off on holiday to Japan, and towards the end of the trip we’re spending a couple of days at Tokyo DisneySea! I discovered that we’ll be there for the Halloween special event – and this year, guests are allowed to wear Disney costumes every day of the Halloween season!

Rather than try to run around DisneySea in my full Jasmine costume and very heavy wig, I’ve decided to try Disneybounding, i.e. putting together a Disney character-inspired outfit from my normal clothes. Naturally, being me, I ended up making a couple of pieces instead of just working within my existing wardrobe… but hey, now I’ve got a sweet yellow skirt (my favourite colour!), a cute headband, and a Snow White-inspired outfit!

Snow White Disneybound

To me, Snow White’s outfit has three main elements – a blue top, a yellow skirt, and a red bow headband. I already have a navy blue t-shirt that I love, so I just needed to make the yellow skirt and red bow headband. I decided to add a little apple motif to the headband as well, as an extra nod to Snow White’s story.

Snow White Disneybound

I made the skirt out of a self drafted pattern, following the directions for the Clemence skirt in Love at First Stitch. Since the shell fabric (cotton poplin) was a bit sheer, I opted to line the skirt with cotton lawn as well. It’s lovely, bright and lightweight, and I also added pockets for some extra practicality!

Snow White Disneybound

To make the headband, I measured out a length of red glitter fold-over elastic, and sewed the ends together (overlapping a little) with the zig-zag stitch on my machine. For the apple bow, I made a big bow out of scrap satin and grosgrain ribbons – I made a loop with the wide satin ribbon, pinched the centre of the loop and wrapped it with the skinnier grosgrain ribbon to make the bow shape, and then glued the ends of the grosgrain ribbon in place with regular craft glue. I drew an apple shape and cut it out of red glitter foam, then cut leaf shapes out of green felt and glued them in place. I glued the foam apple to the centre of my ribbon bow, then added a brooch back to the back of the bow so that I have the option of removing it from the headband in future. All in all, it was a pretty quick make – I think it took me about half an hour from start to finish.

Snow White Disneybound

Snow White Disneybound

I’m really pleased with how the skirt and headband turned out, and I can’t wait to wear this outfit at Tokyo DisneySea!

Snow White Disneybound

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