Five… favourite animated movies

There’s nothing like a good animated movie to cheer you up on a dreary, grey day. From Disney hand-drawn classics to the latest Pixar family romp, everyone has their personal favourites. Here are five of mine, in no particular order!

1. Aladdin
all the little happy things - five favourite animated movies - Aladdin
It’s probably no surprise that this is my favourite Disney classic, given my well-documented love of Princess Jasmine. There’s just so much to love! Alan Menken’s incredibly catchy score and songs, one of Disney’s most memorable villains, Robin Williams’ inimitable performance as the Genie, the classic story… and, of course, my favourite sassy and rebellious princess!

2. The Incredibles
all the little happy things - five favourite animated movies - The Incredibles
If Aladdin is my favourite Disney classic, then The Incredibles is definitely my favourite Pixar classic. It’s so rare to find a ‘fully-intact’ family in an animated movie, and I love that The Incredibles focuses on the family dynamic in such a fun and hilarious way. The Incredibles was also the first superhero movie I saw that dealt with the ‘details’ of supers existing and working in the world, like the consequences of collateral damage, what it’s like for supers pretending to be normal, and who makes those fancy costumes (who doesn’t love Edna Mode?)!

3. The Emperor’s New Groove
all the little happy things - five favourite animated movies - The Emperor's New Groove
The Emperor’s New Groove kind of snuck up on me, but now it’s one of my go-to cheer-up movies. Its self-referential, trope-busting sense of humour is right up my alley, and I always find myself actually laughing out loud whenever I watch it! Plus, it features one of the best non-traditional ‘happy birthday’ songs I’ve ever heard!

4. Paperman
all the little happy things - five favourite animated movies - Paperman
If you haven’t seen Paperman, you definitely should. It’s included as an extra on the Wreck-It Ralph DVD, and I am so, so glad I didn’t skip over it. It has a whimsical, romantic storyline, and the lack of dialogue means that the gorgeous score and the animation can really shine. The animation itself is interesting, blending traditional hand-drawn techniques with computer animation. The result is a simply beautiful short film that feels both nostalgic and modern.

5. Anastasia
all the little happy things - five favourite animated movies - Anastasia
Finally, a non-Disney film! Anastasia has everything that you could want from a good animated movie: a story based on a well-known tale, an inevitable romance, a couple of lovable animal characters, good catchy songs, a memorable villain, and a good dose of magic. Anastasia also has, in my opinion, the best chemistry between its romantic leads, and one of the very best songs in Journey to the Past.

So that’s it for my list! Of course, there are plenty of other brilliant animated movies out there, and these are just five of my personal favourites. What are your favourites? Comment below and let me know!


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